Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whose Way Is Better?

We have more influence on our child's future than we may realize.  Even just the small things, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time, can completely alter the course of their lives, contribute to the choices they make.

Parenting styles vary from parent to parent.  Is one any better than the other?

One parent weans their toddler off the bottle at a year as recommended by pediatricians, eliminate the pacifier soon thereafter, start with the potty training under two years old and make the change to a toddler or big kid bed by two years of age.

Another parent makes the switch from bottle to only solid food before the end of the first year, eliminate the pacifier around the same time or sooner, start potty training as early as possible and moves their child to a big bed the first time they fall or climb out of their cribs.

A third possibility yet...a parent doesn't put any limits on the child, just lets them keep the bottle as long as they want, still using it at almost 3 years old.  If the bottle is still there, then the pacifier is there too.  Keep them in the crib until they just can't fit anymore or is too heavy and doesn't even begin potty training until 3 years of age.

How different do you think these children will be?  Are any one of these styles better than another?  Will these methods have a particular impact on the child later?

I welcome your comments.


  1. I think at 3, the children will be very different. At 5, they will probably still have differences. By 10 or 20? I wouldn't expect to see anything of note.

    My son gave up his dummy at about 7 months, by himself. I'm weaning now (apparently, his choice, not mine, complete nursing refusal) from breast to a bottle and he is 12 months old (sob! I'd planned to breastfeed for a while longer, but he's determined, as evidenced by the dummy refusal).

  2. I think at the end of the day, there's no wrong or right style. You try to do what you think is best for you and your kids. I have 4 kids myself, the first 3 were breastfed till they were about 6mo. I had to go back to work so I decided to put them in the bottle. It was not and never an easy decision to stop with the breastfeeding. The 4 child though, is still being breastfed. She's gonna be 2 March. But I am a stay at home mum at the moment so it's a lot easier for me to continue with it.

    That said, I always believe in following and trusting your Mama Instincts.=)

  3. I would say it should always be what you feel is right for your baby!


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