Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Scribbles

Just a bunch of random crap I have been thinking about today.

1. Is this snow ever going to end?  I am so sick of that white stuff, even if it is only coming down in a soft mist.  It's still enough to cover the roads and making any hope of going anywhere that much more undesirable.

2. Julianne looks so cute in the new pants we bought her yesterday.  Scored a good deal at Superstore yesterday on some clearance items so got her a pair of pants, almost like jeans but purple and a cute pink top with animal print designs on it.  Of course the shirt is already dirty but the pants are cute.

3. Baking banana oat chocolate chip muffins right now.  The house smells heavenly.  Nothing really beats the smell of fresh baking.

4. We need to get a new stroller for Julianne before we go to Holland in May.  She has one but it's far too big to be taking anywhere.  We would have to make 2 trips from the Amsterdam airport just to get our luggage and the stroller to the in-laws place.  We weren't going to take one but seriously, the thought of having to either carry her around the airport or chase after her for 4 hours before we get to board is not all that appealing.

5.  Randomly making a list in my mind of all the things we have to take with us and all the things we can leave behind and get while we are there.  Need to leave as much room in the suitcases as possible so they aren't too heavy and so we can fit all our stuff and all her stuff in it without going over the maximum weight and still leaving a little room to bring stuff back with us if necessary.  It's not as complicated as it sounds I am sure but it does seem a little overwhelming right now. 

6.  Still have lots of work to get done from yesterday that I didn't manage to do.  Not that I couldn't do it but rather that I chose not to do it.  Now I have to get a lot done today.  Some actual work work and but also some writing I need to get done before my class tomorrow.  Somehow I have to rip off at least 7 more pages in my novel in order to be at the minimum quota I set for myself.  Also need to work on a personal essay for my non-fiction class I am taking at the moment.  I have one already that might work but it needs some edits and I am not sure that's really the one I want to use. 

7.  In addition, there are some short fiction contests I have seen recently and some general calls for submissions.  I never submitted anything for January so I am already behind on my list of things to do before I turn 40.  I could easily say I have lots of time cause really I do, but I know that time will  just fly by and  before I know it I will be 40 and nothing will have gotten done.  I am just like that.  Don't know why but that's me.  Ms. Procrastinator.

Well, muffins are done so I am going to stop here.  There are plenty of other things I could add to this list cause I am ALWAYS thinking about something but will have to save it for another day.

Happy Sunday to all!


  1. OK I want a muffin, they sounds delilsh.

    And I have a list of so many things I want to accomplish I doubt I ever will.

    I watched The Bucket List this weekend...I may post to that affect soon.

    Stay tuned ;-)

  2. I would TOTALLY try to send you some...but they probably wouldn't be as good by the time they got there...besides, they're all gone now. :)


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