Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not So Smelly Anymore

There is a God!

A God of showers and smelly freshness.

You might recall my post of December 14th and not being able to shower the way I wanted to.  I finally got to the point that I just couldn't take the constant sweaty, stinky odor that was me any longer.  So thanks to some advice and research, I always do research...see how others have handled the same situation cause I know (or hope) I am not alone.  The internet really does have an answer for everything. 

Well, the solution that seems to have worked for me is to take my daughter into the shower with me.  As it turns out, she actually likes it.  Likes it a lot.  It's funny though, she has this major aversion to getting water on her head and down her face, yet she is obsessed with standing under the stream of water as it runs off my boobs. 

So, I am finally able to shower daily, and usually just shortly after waking up, and she gets a bathing too. But when one thing works out for the better, there is always something else that suffers.  I now have a forest growing on my legs.  I have not been able to find the time to take care of some of the other feminine hygiene routines.  I would normally do this when I shower but now that's not possible unless I want a little shaving cream covered toddler. 

And now, that I am sitting here writing about it, I realize I could just go do it right now.

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