Monday, December 14, 2009

I would have thought that the days of late or no showers would be gone.  You hear stories about mothers that just don't have the time to get cleaned up but I thought that was only with newborns or within the first year.  I was sadly mistaken.  As it turns out, the early days are much easier.  You can just put the baby in a bassinette or playpen and off you go, no worries of the little one escaping and you keep them just outside the bathroom door and you can still hear everything.  But as they grow older not only can they get into things when you're not around, and very quickly, but if you try to bring them in the bathroom with you, they try to climb in.  Actually the one time I tried this, months ago, Julianne kept pulling the shower curtain out of the bathtub, so not only was she soaked by the time I was done, so was the bathroom.  I will add, there are much easier ways to clean the bathroom.
So now, she is 15 months old and if I want the luxury of bathing I have to wait until she goes down for a nap, or get up way before she wakes up.  The problem there is that they are so unpredictable.  You never know when they will actually wake up or as of late, not take a daytime nap at all.  She doesn't like the playpen anymore so that has been out of the picture for quite so time.  It leaves me only with spongebaths, and I don't own a sponge.  So I must wait until Daddy gets home.  Ugh!  There has to be another way. 


  1. Have you tried putting on different kinds of music for her to listen to ?? If she's all over the music box set it high ??

  2. I don't think that would distract her at all. The sound of the shower fascinates her. I might have to start putting her in there with me and see how she likes that.


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