Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Treasure the Goodness in Every Moment

There is good to be found in everything we do or everything that happens to us.  Even when it seems hopeless there has to be something good.

The snot drizzles from her little nose and I hear her snoring at night.  If only she would take that stupid soother out of her mouth she might be able to breathe better but each time I try she wakes.  At least the loose snot means she's getting better right?  With every swipe of the tissue that is just a little less snot to capture.  We have been pretty lucky though...she is rarely sick and it's been months since I have had to chase after her with the tissue to collect the slimy mess.

Foul smelling fecal explosions are not for the faint of heart (or the weak stomach).  Thank god for diapers.  I couldn't imagine having to clean that mess off the floor or out of underpants but I am sure my day will come.  But at least she is not constipated or gassy.

The sheer joy and excitement on their little faces when they get something new.  There is nothing bad about this moment at all...keep them coming.  Out neighbor was just going to throw away this toddler bed so we snatched it up.  The mattress is a little torn but hey, it's free and something she can use eventually. 
Last night she kept pointing to the bed so we let her get into it as if she was going to bed but we knew she wouldn't stay there so we just waited patiently until she came out of her room.  I know she loves the freedom to come and go but that could very well be my undoing.  Mornings will never be the same when she can get up on her own but she is growing up.  Even just looking at the bed after we set it up, I realized just how quickly she has gone from infant to toddler and the next thing I know she will be a teenager and that will bring with it a whole other set of problems.  Treasure this time now because it really does go by fast. 

When the other stresses of life seem like they are getting to be too much, reflect on all the good things you have and know that the stress will pass.  With a little commitment and determination, we will get by.

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