Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holy Moly...2 more sleeps

Only two more sleeps until the big day.  No more sleeps if I don't sleep for the next couple of days.  Highly unlikely though as I have been incredibly tired the last week.  Perhaps unusually tired considering my normal sleeping pattern.  Could be the festive season is taking its toll on me or it could be that because I normally don't sleep all that well that it's finally caught up with me.  Whatever the reason, I know it will be two more sleeps before Christmas Day.
Today we do the dinner shopping.  I got the last of the gift shopping done yesterday when I had lunch with my Dad.  Haven't seen him since August so had some lunch and went shopping.  Just me, Julianne and Grandpa.  No doubt when we go to do the dinner shopping tonight more gifts will be bought.  Arie apparently still needs to buy something else for me although he has gotten me two things so far.  Actually one is from Julianne and I know what it is.  The gift from Arie I actually have no idea which is nice.  A great change from last year when I was there when he bought my gifts and I even got to wrap them myself.  Ooohhh, the suspense was killing me on Christmas Day.  This year though I made a point of making sure he got my gifts when I was not there so there was a tiny element of surprise left.  In some ways I think I just want to know how well he really knows me.  I did give him several suggestions of things that I would like but I don't know if he's gotten any of those things or is actually using his imagination.  Should be interesting for sure.
Tomorrow night is the annual Christmas Eve party with the extended family.  All of Arie's cousins and Aunt and Uncle will be together for a great little party.  It's kind of a special anniversary for Arie and I too.  It's the 3rd anniversary of the first day we met in person and I met all of his family at the same time.  (well, not his parents) Brave of me for sure.  I had picked him up at the airport after his long trip from the Netherlands and took him to his cousins house where I actually joined them for their party.  A little intimidating but at the same time the family was very welcoming so it didn't feel too out of place. 

The following Christmas Eve we were already married and pregnant.  Last year, the beautiful little girl was with us for her first Christmas.  Now it's her second Christmas.  Only this one she is a little more interested in.  More curious.  Into more things.  Should be fun.  Last year I put all the presents under the tree early with no worries of her getting into anything, she wasn't even crawling yet.  Now this year, my storage closet and bedroom are full of presents because I can't put anything out yet.  I can't even get her to stop plugging in and  unplugging the Christmas lights.  Can't imagine what it would be like with all the colourful presents under there.  I have a little idea though.  Yesterday I was wrapping my brother's gift, foolishly while Julianne was still awake and for the most part she was really good but when it was half done she decided it was time to unwrap it.  Quite the challenge but I managed to keep her away from it long enough to get it finished and put away.  I know, I know...all I had to do was wait for her to go to bed or what have you, but it was fun this way.  I can't always wait for her to be asleep or not here before I do things, she has to learn when she can and can't touch things.  Right????

Merry Christmas!!!!

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