Sunday, December 13, 2009

So this is Sunday again.  It's a cold and blustery day, and when I say cold I really mean cold.  -28 to be exact and it's not looking any better for tomorrow.  There is some reprieve this week though.  By Wednesday we are supposed to be in the positive digits.
So cramped inside.  Julianne is cranky today.  Mostly because she can't do whatever she wants.  It's temper tantrum crankiness.  She was fine for most of the morning but she has learned how to climb on all of the furniture.  Her new favourite is the kitchen chairs.  But then she wants to climb on the kitchen table and we stop her and she gets mad.  Then I wouldn't let her have the camera and she got mad.  Even started throwing things.  So guess where she is now?  HA, mama wins again. Bed!  She's not complaining about that though so maybe she was just getting tired. 
I know I was.

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