Sunday, December 20, 2009

So the staff Christmas party is complete and it wasn't all that bad.  The food was good and there was lots to talk about.  Namely the 50 something Janis Joplin-prostitute wannabe.  What the (*$^)!  Who dresses like that?  Long jet black hair parted straight down the middle and wild enough that many a bird could have found a safe haven among the mattes.  You couldn't even see her face behind all that hair.  And that was nothing compared to what she was wearing!  Black, bell bottomed strappy dress that was at least 2 sizes too small.  Her breasts were so squashed into that dress I swear she was trying to perform a self-mammogram.  I felt sorry for the little duo as they tried to break free, trying to catch any possible breath they could.  It was so short in the back that her bra was ALL you could see.  And of course the dress was WAY too short.  I couldn't tell you what kind of shoes she was wearing as I was too shocked with the rest of the getup.  Rumour has it she's trying to find herself a 'decent' man but come on lady, do you really think that is going to attract the kind of man you're wishing for?  Good grief!  Some people will never get it.  From the looks of it, what you're offering, most men have to pay for.
Sorry, I don't normally talk about people like this but it was definitely a sight that I just couldn't get over. 
However, the highlight of the night was the awards.  Employee of the Year went to none other than....wait for it...drumroll husband. Well deserved for sure.  And the nice monetary bonus that came with the glory was appreciated.  So I guess this was one party that wasn't all that bad.
One thing that really gets to me though, are the people that show such a lack of respect for the company they work for that they show up looking like they just rolled out of bed.  Most of these people were young men though.  Not that that's any excuse but it explains a lot.  You could at least not look like a hoodlum.  There were some I swear must have been packing something under that hoody.  It's possible that it's not a blatant disrespect for the company per se but a lack of respect for themselves.  But that's a totally different issue.


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  1. Sounds like a fun time.
    Good for Arie !!!


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