Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Again?

Is it really Monday again?  Already?  Where does the time go?  Well it's the start of a new week and hopefully a better week.  So far, Julianne is in a good mood.  She slept really good.  Actually she has been sleeping pretty good for the last few days.  She went down around 8pm last night and didn't wake up until close to 10am this morning so I would say that's a success.  She didn't eat much for breakfast though.  Sometimes the amount she eats worries me but she seems to be doing just fine.  Obviously she is getting enough.  Just eats like a bird.  And she eats often so I am sure she's just fine. 
I think she's getting used to not having a soother during the day.  Now it's just a matter of getting it away from her at night.  I tried to go take it away from her the other night while she was sleeping, but as soon as I pulled it out of her mouth she sat straight up in bed.  Not entirely awake but enough to know what I was doing I think.  So I gave it back to her and left it alone.  I think I might have to go the route of poking the little pinholes in it.  Although it's not entirely necessary that I take it away from her now.  I will probably leave it for a few more days.  Maybe in January I will progress to the next step.

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