Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not a Toddler, A Monkey

She climbs and I mean she climbs on anything and everything.  Recently Julianne learned how to climb up onto the couch and sit like the average person.  Then she discovered she could climb onto the back of the couch which terrifies me as it's a pretty long fall to the ground below.  So then, not sure if it's to test my patience, or my blood pressure, she decides she is going to climb on the end table.  Nothing on the table as has been the case for as long as we have had a toddler but she found this nice little perch and goes there regularly.  Right in the middle of the table and oh so proud she is.  She sits nice and knows how to get off of it and back onto the couch but I guess the question is, is it ok to let her continue to do this?  Will she grow out of it?  My initial response would be yes but are we setting ourselves up for other problems if we let her do as she pleases now?  Of course we don't let her do EVERYTHING she wants.  Just the stuff that seems innocent enough and no one is getting hurt.  At least not yet.  If we hadn't let her take a few tumbles off the couch I suppose she never would have learned how to get down properly, climb up properly or even sit nice like everyone else.  Chances need to be taken, I know that.  We can't be overprotective about everything.  And there comes a time when it's really more energy than it's worth to prevent her from doing certain things. 

As promised, here is a picture of our Christmas tree. I took a few others but for some reason, everytime I try to take a picture of the tree with all the lights lit up, the image goes blurry.  Like trying to capture the image of a ghost...that just does not want to be caught.    This was the best that came out and it's not all that bad.

I love Christmas!

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