Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've Had An Epiphany

Epiphany: A divine manifestation; the twelve days after Christmas that commemorates the three wise men visiting Jesus.

Don't I feel like a schlub. 
You may recall my post of January 3 about wanting to take down the Christmas tree NOW but hubby wanting to wait until January 6.  With it being some made up 'tradition' or whatever.  Well d'uh...of course it's a tradition...and it's a tradition across much of Canada too, not just Holland as I originallly suggested.  Hell this is common across a lot of the world.  The twelve days following Christmas ARE the twelve days of Christmas that the song refers to. So for many catholics and christians alike, it is common practice to leave your tree up for those twelve days and to even have a feast or celebration on Epiphany.  The twelfth day of Christmas.

The stupid thing is, I knew this...and I guess in my rage or frustration didn't see it.  It took a lady yesterday commenting that her Christmas wasn't over yet, not until January 6 for it was Epiphany.

I have never practiced this celebration...frankly, for me, once the New Year is here, it's back to business as usual.  I really have never paid any notice as to when we have taken down the tree.  I knew it was always after New Year but was it after the 6th?  Surely I have never had an epiphany feast.

Maybe that is a new tradition I should start in our little family.

(Oops...must go.  Julianne has Cheerios on her chin and on the floor, and there goes everything else onto the floor.   Wait...little girl...mommy's coming.)

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