Saturday, January 30, 2010

I should be working but instead I find myself blogging.  It's Saturday for crying out loud.  Why should I be working?  But there is lots to do and I pretty much got kicked out of the office this morning so decided fine...I will just go home and do the work you apparently don't think needs to get done.

But it's distracting here.  Daughter wants to play, husband is just being husband, daughter wants to eat, daughter needs to get dressed, daughter needs to be changed.  It's never ending.  Husband has something he wants to say that he thinks is SOOOO incredibly important RIGHT now that it has to be said.  So, since I am distracted enough already, I might as well catch up on the blogging instead of actually working.  But that doesn't change the fact that the work still has to get done. 

What a dilemma.

It's Saturday, I want to just spend time with the family, but instead I have to work.  Even though I am working at home, to keep up appearances, husband can look over and see me busily typing and think, wow...she is so dedicated.  Ha...he doesn't know what I am REALLY doing.

The squeals and whines are distracting.  The bathroom needs to be cleaned, the carpets need vacuuming AGAIN, cause I love my vacuum cleaner.  I don't think I love it more than blogging but it is a very close second.  Although sometimes I can't even fathom opening the laptop and coming up with something awe inspiring to say.  Well, none of this is ever awe inspiring...and right now I fear it's alot of rambling...but it's keeping my fingers busy. Makes me LOOK busy.  Appearances can be deceiving.

I have a lot of posts to catch  up I will finish this up...finish my coffee while I catch up with everyone.  Maybe, hopefully, leave a comment or two here and there.

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  1. Your Saturday sounds like mine. Although I did get a grocery run in before the snow got too slick for safety.
    I NEED to know what kind of vacuum you have, cuz I just don't LOVE mine.
    And of course while trying to type this 2 of the kids have come in to bug me about having ice cream and whether or not it's too cold to eat it.
    Time to get out my Un-loved vacuum and the mop to clean up after the snowy/muddy feet tramping thru the door... Yay- not.


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