Sunday, January 17, 2010

I think I am obsessed with the vaccuum cleaner.  Well today at least.  I just can't seem to get the carpet clean enough and then when I think I am just about there, Julianne drops some crumbs on the floor and I have to turn around and do it again.  It could have something to do with the new vaccuum cleaner we bought just before Christmas.  I am SOOOO happy with it.  We have short carpets on our floors and no matter how low I adjusted our old vaccuum I just couldn't get it to pick up much of anything.  The new one is from heaven, I am sure of it.  It picks up EVERYTHING.  And I mean everything.  No problems trying to suck up my slippers, Julianne's toys, the cord if I happen to run over it.  It is a SUPER sucker and it is my new best friend.

I could never be a hoarder.  I watch the program on A&E every Monday evening and I just want to climb through the television and give these people a shake and clean  up their house.  (Well there are some you couldn't pay me enough to get anywhere near) but the 'not so bad' ones I just want to clean.  How can anyone have that much STUFF?  I would go crazy.  I am already mildly claustrophobic, that much STUFF in my apartment I would lose it.  But I do understand it's a form of OCD and not as easy to overcome as it would seem, but the point is, that is not me.  Not even frickin' close.

When I was in my early 20's I dated this guy for quite a long time, we had moved in together but after a few months moved into his parent's home.  His mom had a roommate and by all outward appearances upon first walking into the home you would never think there was a problem.  But then you go to the basement and OMG.  A path had to be made to get anywhere.  The laundry room, the basement door, the wood stove.  It was ridiculous.  I wouldn't have classified her as a hoarder so much as a chronically disorganized person.  The only other rooms that suffered as much as the basement were her bedroom and the kitchen.  The kitchen was so bad that you wouldn't have wanted to cook in there.  Any time you did, it had to be thoroughly cleaned first.  I think that's why today I have a phobia of messy kitchens. 

I am not a neat freak, not even close, but I am pretty organized and tidy.  I like a lived in look, not a sterile look, and not a garbage dump look.  I think it's safe to say I fall into the middle somewhere.  I hate housework like anyone else, but some days get a little obsessed.

Today is one of those days. 


  1. I am so with you on the vacuuming. Why is it that I can't let that crumb go till tomorrow? I mean I already did this 3 times. Our vacuum is a Kirby and it is heavy. So I have to drag it out and put it up and then i see dog hair. AHHHHH, wanna dog? Just kidding. I love your blog. i also watch Hoarders religiously. I have OCD but I could never do that. I understand how it can happen because i have an organizational issue...if it isn't exactly perfect i can't do it. But luckily my hubby will kick in when i have those meltdowns.

  2. Oh yes...the Kirby. I had a Hoover but now we have a Bissell and I LOVE the Bissell. Bagless and everything. Although I am not sure what I think of that yet. It has to be emptied more frequently and it has to be done outdoors, otherwise I am revacuuming before I have even finished the first time. Ugh...sometimes you have to make a sacrifice. For now, it's worth it. :)

  3. I, too, feel stuffed in my tiny house...we have far too much stuff for the 2 of us and we're adding a 3rd?! Ugh, I'm going to go nuts-o!


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