Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Over the last couple of days I have learned some really interesting information about myself.  Well it's interesting to me at least.  Things that I always knew were there but for some reason never paid much attention to them, or thought they were normal.  As it turns out, my thought processes are not normal.  Well, I shouldn't say normal because normal is open to perception.  They have been normal for me, but after some revelation realize what's normal for me is not necessarily normal for someone else.

1) I am a fairly chaotic thinker but a very linear doer. 
2) I like organization and structure far more than just 'winging it'. Although I do enjoy spontaneity.  (sp)
3) Just like reading a book, when I write it's from beginning to end.  Kind of makes me realize why I keep getting blocked when writing something of a larger scale.
4) I enjoy reading books written in first person point of view much more than third person point of view, but yet when I write it's almost always in third person. Unless it's a personal essay or something and then it's obviously in first person.  And my blog is in first person.  I think when it comes to writing, I am too afraid to have so much of myself in the story when it is meant to be fiction. 
5) I am a walking, living, breathing contradiction, but I am not flaky.  I am easily swayed though to another person's thinking if it's not something I firmly believe in.


  1. And all those make you YOU, and you are fabulous ;-)

  2. Interesting. I have never sat down to think of myself this way.

  3. Neither had I. They actually came up in conversation over the last few days. Started to find a pattern. Then I started focusing more on my writing and found that even more came out. Was VERY weird.

    Thanks Apryl!!!! I really am FABULOUS!!! (and apparently not modest) ;)


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